Who is Garrett Neiles?

“I don’t come across many artists that have both the voice and stage presence to compete against world-class, established artists. Garrett Neiles is an exception. He has both.” – Chris Burke-Gaffney (CBG Artist Development)

Garrett Neiles is realizing the depth that comes with maturity. The Winnipeg, Manitoba pop artist picked up the guitar as a way to connect, and, despite some time off for school and other pursuits, has been working on that dream ever since.

As one of his past life detours, Neiles attended the University of Victoria on a golf scholarship, where he ended up blowing out his wrist to the point of needing surgery. The time passed in healing gave Neiles space to reflect on what he really enjoys. He eventually realized the strength of his singing voice, married it to his guitar, and developed a rock-and-roll rasp to his vocals by emulating some of his favourite artists, particularly Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.

Naturally, a deep dive into Manitoba’s local music scene ensued, where Neiles and his friends came across Grant and Nazeem. One day at a show, Neiles was asked to join Nazeem on a song. This experience led Neiles to over 8 years of non-stop live performances, helping shape his love for the stage.

From playful temptation to fragmented feelings, Neiles’ writing reflects a man with a growing awareness, who is learning the complex corners of love and that there’s more to simply painting it in nuanced, carnal colours. Neiles’ upcoming debut singles boast a bold take on the modern pop/rock sound, shaped by the likes of Five Seconds of Summer’s anthemic choruses and Harry Styles’ songwriting, where he finds honest takes on relationships while capturing the elation and heartbreaks that we all feel. Rounding out his sound, Neiles holds One Republic’s Ryan Tedder to be his main inspiration for delivery and vocal production.

In April of 2021, Neiles took an online production and songwriting class that inspired him to create his own demos. The lyrics to fill them came from a space of the universal experience of learning to take accountability in one’s life – and contributing and moving forward – especially when it comes to what’s important.

“A lot of my earlier material you’ll see a guy who’s not necessarily looking for commitment, and enjoying the fruits of life,” he says of his music’s evolution, “but as the songs progress and the singles come out the songwriting reflects that maturity process that I think we all undergo at some point.”

It’s a new depth for an artist ready to announce himself to the world. For his upcoming songs, Neiles worked with producers Tyler Del Pino and Jackson Martin, who also served as the mixing engineers. Mastering was completed by CPS Mastering’s Brock McFarlane (Art D’Ecco, Hey Ocean!, Mother Mother) and Jackson Martin.

Neiles will be releasing a series of singles between October 2021 and November 2021, followed by a cross-Canada tour. Equipped with his own set of songs, Neiles is excited to be coming into his artistic identity, and for the growth and opportunities that will follow. In addition to his solo artistic development, Neiles does a bit of work with True North Youth Foundation’s Project 11, a global educational mental health subdivision, where he has performed at their Bell Let’s Talk day, as well as singing the national anthem at Winnipeg Jets games.

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