Who is Garrett Neiles?

When people share their fears and joy, triumphs and vulnerability, their heart and soul – they connect in a profound way.” – Garrett Neiles

Garrett wants to connect with people in a genuine way.

Like fellow Canadian pop singers Shawn Mendez and Justin Bieber, Garrett is an accomplished musician with a voice that everyone wishes they were born with. But don’t let his heart throb looks fool you. He writes deep songs that reflect an old soul who’s been around love, lust, heart break, and happiness. He can make you cry and he can make you laugh.

Watching him perform, it is obvious that he is a rare talent. But what really makes Garrett so contagious to his audience is his ability to take the listener right into the story with him through his vulnerability and passion.

“The feeling of a live performance is simply indescribable, a complete mixture of nerves, excitement, focus, and euphoria,” says Garrett. “To experience the feeling when people connect with your songs; to share these emotions with complete strangers: that’s everything.”

Garrett is currently in studio working on his first EP; a project that can help him connect with people.

His lead single titled “Anxiety”, deals directly with depths that one can drop to during their own internal struggles, but serves as a reminder to the listener that they do not have to “suffer silently”. The profound lyrics of the song continue on as the subject declares “No, I won’t let you get the best of me; anxiety.”

“I want to reach out to others in times of love and pain. The highs and the lows. If I can help, heal, encourage, or influence even one person, my life is changed for the better.”


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